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Refund and Returns Policy

EWAGLOBAL SIA is an authorized partner of EWA Eco-Wood-ArtTM – the manufacturer of all products presented on this website and provides appropriate support to customers. For any questions including returns and exchanges, please, contact us by phone +37124408713 or email:
Please, read the information below to avoid misunderstandings and conflict situations.
All products presented on the website are made of high quality certified polished plywood.
Products placed in the catalog of the website in the categories: “Mechanical puzzles”, “Interior puzzles”, “Classic puzzles”, “3D Mini puzzles”, “For children” and “For pets” are plywood products with a high level of technical performance, designed for use in everyday life as collectibles, souvenirs, decorative items, have mechanical or static properties and are products for people over 14 years of age. The products are not a subject to certification. The warranty period for these products is not established. Shelf life is unlimited.
All products presented on the website require careful handling, handling and transportation. Products must be used in dry and warm rooms with heating and ventilation at an air temperature not lower than +10º C and not higher than +40º C. The recommended air temperature during operation is +10°С – +25°С. It is recommended to avoid direct exposure to sunlight and protect products and their structural elements from mechanical damage and excessive physical exertion.
Return of goods of good quality or its exchange for goods of similar characteristics is carried out in accordance with applicable law. The goods are subject to exchange or return, provided that they were not in use, their consumer properties and qualities are preserved, there is evidence of their purchase from the Seller.
The Buyer to whom the goods of inadequate quality are sold has the right, at his choice, to demand:
– replacement of low-quality goods with goods of good quality;
– elimination of product defects free of charge;
– terminate the contract of sale and demand a refund of the amount paid for the goods.
Delivery of goods to the Seller for exchange or return is made by the forces and at the expense of the Buyer.
The best way to return the goods is to send the package by regular mail (not cash on delivery) to EWAGLOBAL SIA
Reg.N. 40203299033
Address: Maskavas street 322,
LV-1063 Riga, Latvia, marked “online store”.
Refunds are made by the Seller, depending on the method of payment made by the Buyer, in accordance with the law.
We are always happy to help you!