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Grain Harvesting Combine GH800


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Grain Harvesting Combine GH800 with grain header BARST 920

We present to you a scale model of a combine harvester from the Gomselmash concern. This model is made of wood and equipped with a spring drive, which makes it mechanical and interesting for fans of technology.

Our combine harvester model accurately conveys all the details and features of this equipment, allowing you to see how the harvester works in the smallest detail. It has realistic features such as the movement of the harvester and unloading of the harvested grain.

This model is perfect for collectors, lovers of agriculture and just those who appreciate high-quality and interesting models. It has every chance to become the pride of your collection and a great gift for friends and family.

Assembled model size: 527*458*187mm
Package size: 508*380*40mm
Number of parts: 864
Assembly without glue

Weight 1.26 kg