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EWAGLOBAL SIA is an authorized partner of EWA Eco-Wood-ArtTM , which produces mechanical models, toys, souvenirs and gifts made of natural materials.

EWA products are represented by mechanical wind-up 3D puzzles with rubber-band engine for self assembly , wooden classic puzzles and interior puzzles.

The constructors are delivered in boxes with pre-cut parts from plywood sheets, precise assembly instructions and assembly tools.

Our advantages:

– Customer support and assembly assistance

– Original design and model development by EWA Eco Wood Art’s own engineers and designers

– The EWA Eco-Wood-Art ™ trademark is registered in Europe, Russia, the USA and China.

– Products are not subject to mandatory certification, age category 14+

– Packing and assembly instructions contain information in 8 languages.

We have earned the trust in our products from satisfied customers and partners around the world!